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COPD Athlete Russell Winwood and his COPD journey 

COPD Athlete Russell Winwood completes his first Ironman competition one year after his severe COPD diagnosis. 

Russell Winwood, also known as the COPD Athlete, was diagnosed with COPD at age 44, but that didn’t stop him. Only one year after his diagnosis, he completed an Ironman competition.

Hear from Russell in this extraordinary interview on how he lives with COPD, what training was like after his diagnosis, and how he continues to stretch the definition of life with COPD.

Watch his inspiring story

New spirometry standard

New spirometry standard

The 2019 ATS/ERS international spirometry recommendations represent the latest in the decade-long effort to standardize the performance and interpretation of spirometry.

ndd is proud to announce that the entire current product line including the EasyOne Pro, Pro LAB, Air, and Easy on-PC can be easily updated to meet the latest standard.

COVID-19 radically changed the respiratory care landscape

COVID-19 radically changed the respiratory care landscape

With the EasyOne Pro, ensure easy and safe access to portable, routine complete pulmonary function testing in any patient setting.

Click below to start exploring the benefits of ndd's point of care PFT device - EasyOne Pro.

Meet the ndd EasyOne® Product Family

ndd Medical Technologies offers innovative, easy-to-use pulmonary function testing instruments that help clinicians diagnose and treat lung disease with unmatched precision. The EasyOne® spirometry and complete pulmonary function testing products are the most consistent and user-friendly lung function testing equipment made today.

To learn more about our point of care pulmonary function testing solutions select a product below.

EasyOne<sup>®</sup> Air

EasyOne® Air

Portable & PC spirometer

EasyOne Pro<sup>®</sup>

EasyOne Pro®

Portable DLCO, Lung Volumes and Spirometry

EasyOne Pro<sup>®</sup> LAB

EasyOne Pro® LAB

Portable DLCO, MBW, Lung Volumes, LCI and Spirometry

Easy on-PC

Easy on-PC

PC spirometer

EasyOne Connect

EasyOne Connect

Integrated software platform

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Early Diagnosis for Better Lung Health

For more than 20 years, ndd Medical Technologies has worked to improve the early detection and accurate diagnosis for people living with COPD and other chronic lung diseases.

To address the issues of growing numbers of COPD patients and a large undiagnosed population, ndd's line of EasyOne products is moving lung function testing closer to the point of care. This facilitates routine lung health assessment which is easy to do and available to everyone.

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