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Jul 19, 2021· 3 minutes read

Keeping your EasyOne Pro in tip-top shape

The Annual Replacement Kit, available from any authorized ndd distributor or directly from the ndd service department, has four parts you need to keep your EasyOne Pro/Pro LAB running smoothly.

As clinicians around the world can tell you, the ndd EasyOne Pro® and Pro LAB are designed for not only reliability, but ease of use. The state-of-the-art TrueCheck™ and TrueFlow™ technologies at the core of the entire ndd line virtually eliminate the need for daily maintenance tasks, allowing your staff to focus on caring for people rather than machines. However, even the most efficient equipment does need some upkeep from time to time to keep it working at its best. Fortunately, ndd has put in as much effort into making these tasks as painless as possible as they have with every other aspect of the user experience.

Happy Maintenance Day

Under normal operating conditions, the EasyOne Pro devices need only one maintenance cycle each year. The heart of this cycle is the Annual Replacement Kit, available from any authorized ndd distributor or directly from the ndd service department, which has the four parts you need to keep your diagnostic department running smoothly:

  • Overpressure valve: This valve ensures a safe operating environment for the patients and staff, and as with any critical safety element (like a smoke detector), should be replaced on a regular basis.
  • One-way valve: This valve prevents the patient’s exhaled gas from entering the patient tube and interior of the EasyOne Pro device. Like the overpressure valve, it contains silicon which can stiffen over time, potentially making the seal less effective.
  • Patient tube: The patient tube connects the mouthpiece to the base unit. Over time, even in the most cautious of environments, tubing can become pinched or perforated, introducing leaks and affecting performance.
  • Filter pack: The filter prevents fine particles in the ambient air (air pollution) from coming into the pneumatic block of the EasyOne Pro, which could affect the performance.

When you replace these components, you ensure that your device is operating at maximum efficiency and accuracy. Regular maintenance also helps you and your organization protect your investment by extending the operating lifespan of the device. And it goes without saying that keeping your EasyOne Pro in tip-top condition also protects your patients, ensuring the greatest diagnostic accuracy possible and minimizing the risk of leaks or equipment failure.

Fortunately, the Annual Replacement Kit is incredibly easy to use. In keeping with the patient- and user-friendly approach that is a hallmark of ndd design, there are no special tools or training required to change out the affected components. You don’t even have to arrange for specialized personnel to work on the device, minimizing any disruptions to your office workflow (or adding potential exposures to COVID-19, influenza, or other pathogens). Removing the old parts and installing replacements takes only a few minutes, ensuring any downtime is minimal. Best of all, anyone in your office can do it, especially after watching the step-by-step video available on ndd’s YouTube channel. You can spend the time you’ve saved on far more important tasks, like planning a ‘birthday’ event for your ndd device.

Peak performance

Every device needs maintenance. Automobiles need regular oil changes. Alarms and detectors need new batteries every year. Even our bodies tend to benefit from regular checkups (although hopefully not a regular supply of maintenance parts). Diagnostic tools are certainly no different, and while the maintenance demands of the ndd EasyOne Pro line are minimal, it is critical they not be dismissed or ignored. Spending a few minutes a year on replacing key components keeps your equipment working at its highest function so that you can keep your patients living their best lives!

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Michael Hess
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