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EasyOne Filter

It's not just a filter. It's the EasyOne Filter. 

ndd’s lung function testing products were originally designed for effortless infection control. ndd EasyOne devices are small with easy-to-wipe surfaces. There are no fragile sensor parts to be cleaned, due to ndd’s advanced TrueFlow ultrasound technology. And testing elements in touch with patient breath are single-use and exchangeable.

The EasyOne Filter solutions were designed for those who wish to include a filter when performing spirometry and DLCO tests with ndd lung function testing products.

  • Meets the 2019 ATS/ERS spirometry standards for accuracy
  • Low resistance for high quality spirometry
  • Optimal filter efficiency and accuracy 
  • Maintains high quality test results 

Trust the EasyOne Filter from ndd. A spirometry filter solution from the spirometry experts.

Part numbers
EasyOne Filter FT box of 100 pcs FS-1078 Label packaging box EasyOne Filter FT2091-422
EasyOne Filter SP box of 100 pcs FS-939 Label packaging box EasyOne Filter SP2091-412
EasyOne Connect software

Download V04.XX.XX.XX of EasyOne Connect software (free of charge) for compatibility with your EasyOne device and use with the ndd filter. (Please have your serial number available.)


Hear how ndd has implemented the latest ATS/ERS 2019 spirometry standards into our current product line.


All your ndd filter questions answered. 

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FAQs - 2019 ATS/ERS software release


Why are there two different release versions for EasyOne Pro?

Pro/LAB V04 user shall update with v03.08.00.11 and the V05 user shall update with v03.09.00.10, which is not compatible with V04. Concerning the content, both releases contain the ATS/ERS spirometry 2019 update. However, V04 release does not include the flow sensor firmware update (due to incompatible hardware) and the incentive animations for V04 remain unchanged (V04 is not affected by the retirement of Adobe Flash Player).


I have Pro V04 and V05 connected to the same database, should I update?

Yes, it’s recommended to update if you want to work with spirometry 2019. A Pro V04 with v03.08.00.11 and a Pro V05 with v03.09.00.10 can be connected to the same database.


What happens if I install the V05 release version on V04, or vice versa?

V05 release on V04: The installation process will be interrupted early on, and you will be informed by an error message. This means the V05 release can never be falsely installed on a V04 device.

V04 release on V05: This is a compatible release for V05 devices. Of course, this version does not contain the incentive animation fix and the flow sensor FW update, therefore not recommended at all for the V05 users.


I’m using EasyOne Connect on the Windows 7 operating system. I am having trouble installing the new software.

You must install the SP1 for Windows 7, and additionally, the .Net 4.8 runtime, in order to run the current and later releases. Support for Windows 7 has ended on January 14, 2020. Therefore, we highly recommend you update your operating system to Window 10.

The current release runs on both Windows 8 and 10 without any additional installations.


The firmware update message always pops up. How can I disable it?

The flow sensor update can be postponed but cannot be disabled completely. The update improves the baseline-setting mechanism and the linearity, especially for small flows, and is highly recommended. It has no impact on the existing patient test data.


What will happen to the existing patient data if I switch from the 2005 to the 2019 standard?

Existing data is not impacted at all. No re-processing of the existing data takes place when you make the switch.

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