Lo que dicen los expertos en PFP
26 feb. 2024

AAAAI 2024 Washington, DC


We are looking back on a successful #AAAAI 2024 conference: three days full of inspiring encounters with leading allergy and asthma specialists as well as interesting conversations about the power of spirometry.  

Our EasyOne solutions such as the EasyOne Air and Easy on-PC were presented live on site by our ndd experts Tracy, Casey, and Brian. Thank you for the great teamwork!

For us, congresses are always a great opportunity to expand our network and exchange knowledge with experts in the field. Events such as this one inspire us to persevere in our commitment to advancing early diagnosis and improving lung health.

Stay tuned for updates. Next on our agenda: 82° Congreso de Neumología y Cirugía de Tórax in Puebla, Mexico, alongside our partners from Aerosol Medical. See you there!

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