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27 jul. 2021

Bike to Work Challenge 2021

After a trying year, marked by COVID-19 infection rates and postponed Olympic Games, something resembling normality returned this summer. This is also true for the annual Bike to Work challenge. Unlike last year, when our homes were doubling as offices, we no longer needed to find creative ways to make the idea of “cycling to the office” work out. In June, a large part of our employees rose to the challenge and, in the true Olympian spirit – IT’S THE TAKING PART THAT COUNTS – seized the opportunity offered to them by Bike to Work to get more physical exercise. This health promoting campaign was ideal to both boost personal fitness and to rouse the old team spirit gone into hibernation during those long months of working from home.

Over the last month, we covered a total of 5,183 km with seven teams, each of 3-4 people. On average, each participant engaged in physical exercise on more than 14 days during the course of the challenge. Considering that this was spread across the 22 working days of the month of June, it was rather an impressive performance.

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