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25 may. 2020

Did you know that ... the EasyOne FlowTube is a carbon neutral product?

In 2017, we introduced into the market our spirometer EasyOne Air and its disposable mouthpiece, the EasyOne FlowTube. From the start, FlowTubes have been produced and distributed in a carbon neutral fashion. For every EasyOne FlowTube we sell, we make a valuable contribution towards a more sustainable future by supporting a project in Madagascar committed to the production and sale of efficient wood and solar cooking stoves.

Cooking lessons with a solar stove in Toliara in the southwest of Madagscar, 2019

Here is what our continuing contributions support:

  • They help reduce the burning of firewood and thus prevent deforestation. They also go towards planting new trees to gradually reforest the region.
  • They improve the air quality in and around the house, which is of most immediate benefit to the health of women and children.
  • They help educate the next generation about climate change, environmental protection and clean cooking.
  • They support the local production of cook stoves, which creates jobs and facilitates the transfer of know-how to the native population.

In addition to offsetting the CO-2- emissions caused by the production of our EasyOne FlowTube, we are planning to compensate those of other ndd products, too. You can keep up with our progress on our homepage and on social media.

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