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13 abr. 2020

ERS/ATS Spirometry Standard 2019 Part 4

To continue our in-depth analysis of the new spirometry standard, in today's article, we will focus on part 4 of the series:

  1. Harmonization with ISO 26782
  2. FVC maneuver with maximal inspiration and end of test criteria
  3. The new quality grading system
  4. Report parameters
  5. New criteria for slow VC maneuver and bronchodilator responsiveness testing
  6. Newly required usability features

Compared to the previous edition, the 2019 standard provides clear specifications when it comes to what is expected in reporting.

Measurement Results

All of the following parameters are to be reported separately for pre- and post-brochodilator tests.

Additionally, the date and time for each maneuver must be recorded. The ATS standardized report form (published in 2017) should be used as the default report form for spirometry tests.

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