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29 oct. 2020

Vaya en bici al trabajo - 2020

As last year, a large part of the employees at ndd's headquarters in Zurich took part in the Bike to Work program this year. This health-promoting bicycle campaign encourages exercise during people’s working days. In times when Corona requires people to work from home, keeping up with physical exercise is all the more important. In addition to the physical activity, taking part in such a campaign fosters a team spirit and personal engagement.

During the Bike to Work challenge last month, 24 ndd employees formed 6 teams and completed a total of 6,310 km by bike or on foot. Many of our employees took the time before or after work to go on a bicycle tour. The campaign for more exercise has definitely had a positive effect.

Healthy Lungs for Life, a campaign supported by the European Respiratory Society (ERS), also recommends regular physical activity (#TakeTheActiveOption). Being active benefits both the population in general and people living with lung conditions. It has been shown to improve quality of life and fitness in healthy individuals and to reduce the risks associated with chronic conditions.

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