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Aug 30, 2022

Bike to Work Challenge 2022

BIKE TO WORK is a Swiss health promotion campaign where various companies’ teams compete annually to cover the most distance by riding their bicycles to work. ndd’s employees rose to the challenge and, together, pedaled a total of 5,120 km (or 3,181 miles).


The campaign aims to boost both employees’ fitness and their team spirit. It is always a pleasure to see our company’s various units intermingle and open up to new perspectives. The playful nature of the project provides an informal way to learn more about one’s own colleagues. This creates a stronger personal bond, which encourages collaboration within the teams.


As various studies confirm, physical exercise has a positive impact on both body and mind. ndd contributes to improving people’s health in at least two ways: we facilitate the early detection of lung diseases with our products but also encourage our employees to engage in physical activity in their own lives.

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