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Jul 15, 2019

Marfan Foundation Conference

marfan foundation collage

This month, Daron Fitzpatrick, Kailey Martin and Tom Sinclair spent two days with the National Marfan Foundation in Houston TX. Marfan syndrome is a connective tissue disorder that has a high risk of aortic dissection and is associated with many other Orthopedic, Cardiac and Pulmonary disorders.

For years, the Marfan Foundation has been interested in getting PFT tests done on their patients, but struggled getting PFT labs that were able to do the tests when they had their clinic, which is held in conjunction with their annual meeting. Once we discovered this, ndd volunteered the use of the EasyOne Pro. It was a huge success and the patient stories we heard really touched our hearts. We tested patients that ranged in age from 10 – 65. Patients that previously had trouble accessing pulmonary function tests. Those patients were then able to review their results with renowned experts in the Marfan field, from the best hospitals in the country.

It was exciting bringing together point of care testing, patients with limited access to PFT’s and the clinicians that make the difference in these patients lives. Please take some time to click on the below link to learn more about Marfan syndrome and other connectivity tissue disorders.


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