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Nov 15, 2023

ndd Medical Technologies, in partnership with the myclimate carbon program, contribute to tackling CO2 emissions and alleviating their effects on respiratory health.

Initiative places new and efficient solar cook stoves in Madagascar 
new cookstoves for madagscar
With solar and efficient cook stoves people can cook traditional Madagascan food like rice, corn, manioc, meat soup, or chicken. Photo: ADES 


ndd Medical Technologies (ndd), a leading global provider of lung function testing equipment, is proud to announce that in the six years of its partnership with myclimate, 825 tons of CO2 produced by manufacturing the EasyOne FlowTube has been offset. The contributions ndd has made to this program help reduce CO2 emissions and improve lung health due to less exposure to smoke during cooking by replacing wood stoves used in Madagascar with efficient cookers and climate-friendly solar cook stoves. The emissions of 825 tons of CO2 are equivalent to the carbon footprint of making nine round trips to the moon by car!

Lung diseases are among the leading causes of mortality in Madagascar.

People in developing nations, such as Madagascar, traditionally use wood stoves in the home, exposing them to dust and microparticles that increase the chance of developing lung disease. Burning these materials also contributes to deforestation, soil erosion, and climate change.

The new cook stoves, funded in part by ndd, eliminate smoke, dust, and particles in the air, which helps to improve air quality and overall lung health. Efficient solar stoves also help create jobs.

Through a corresponding financial contribution, ndd supports the myclimate protection program based on the emissions calculated by the EasyOne FlowTube, which are used in the EasyOne Air spirometer. The emissions offset include but are not limited to the entire life cycle of a product, from obtaining the raw materials through to the use of the product and subsequent disposal and recycling.

"We are committed to supporting global lung health initiatives such as those by myclimate that improve lung health,” says Michael Bencak, CEO of ndd. “Our EasyOne PFT products speed diagnosis—and treatment-- to reduce the consequences of lung disease.”

About myclimate

myclimate is a partner for effective climate protection, globally and locally. As an international climate protection organization with Swiss roots, myclimate and its scientific experts offer individual industry solutions and climate strategy consulting for business clients. Its customers include large, medium-sized and small companies, public administrations, non-profit organizations, event organizers and private individuals. myclimate is also active in Germany and Austria and via its partner organizations represented in Sweden and Norway.

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