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Before there was a product, there was a vision -- a vision based on TrueFlow ultrasound technology developed by Dr. Buess and recognized by Dr. Harnoncourt as a revolution in the measurement of lung function.

In the 1980s, cardio-pulmonologist Dr. Harnoncourt realized that, compared to cardiology diagnosis, pulmonary diagnosis was entirely underdeveloped. At around the same time, Dr. Christian Buess was completing his dissertation at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH Zurich). He was able to demonstrate that, by employing ultrasound technology, it was possible to carry out precise and accurate measurements of the speed and composition of respiratory gases. A publication with the Max-Planck-Institute in Göttingen brought the two researchers together, which marked the beginning of a serious and fruitful collaboration. In 1996, they founded their own company: NDD Medical Technologies. 

Our Mission  

Early Diagnosis for Better Lung Health

For more than 20 years, NDD has worked to improve the early detection and accurate diagnosis for people living with COPD and other chronic lung diseases with EasyOne products.

NDD has grown to be the leading global innovator in PFT devices by supporting research, helping to create awareness, launching innovative products, and making them available to over 100 countries.

The EasyOne product line was developed for physicians to offer accurate and reliable diagnosis at the point of care and start immediate treatment. This helps avoid irreversible lung damage for millions of patients while significantly reducing healthcare costs.

Our Vision

To improve lung health worldwide through early diagnosis and treatment of lung diseases.

It is estimated that 235 million people currently experience symptoms associated with respiratory disease. Many have not been officially diagnosed. Awareness and education are vital first steps in the early diagnosis of respiratory disease.

The WHO estimates that 235 million people currently live with respiratory disease, many of whom remain undiagnosed and nearly 30 percent of whom are probably misdiagnosed. Although spirometry and advanced lung function testing (DLCO and MBW) are vital for a correct diagnosis, a persistent problem is the need to perform more lung function tests around the globe.

This is why NDD Medical Technologies works with multiple healthcare providers, non-profit organizations, and lung disease specialists to further advance respiratory disease awareness.

The EasyOne Product Line

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