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Complete pulmonary
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Complete pulmonary function testing (PFT)

A complete pulmonary function test (PFT) typically involves several respiratory tests to assess lung health which include spirometry, lung volumes and diffusing capacity (DLCO). The results obtained from these tests provide clinically valuable information for diagnosing respiratory diseases, determining disease severity, monitoring treatment response, and guiding treatment decisions.

A complete pulmonary function machine provide accurate and objective data, enabling healthcare professionals to tailor treatment plans, assess treatment effectiveness, and track disease progression over time. PFT machines are indispensable tools in respiratory medicine, assisting in the comprehensive assessment and management of respiratory conditions.

Complete pulmonary function solutions

  • EasyOne Pro
    • Spirometry
    • DLCO
    • Provocation challenge testing
    • Lung volumes
      • Single breath helium dilution
  • EasyOne Pro LAB
    • Spirometry
    • DLCO
    • Provocation challenge testing
    • Lung volumes
      • Multi-breath nitrogen washout
    • Lung clearance index (LCI)

Go with the experts in pulmonary function testing.

Quick & accurate results
Quick & accurate results

Quick and complete pulmonary function results in under 20 minutes achievable. Results instantly available for on the spot physician overread.

High reimbursement 
High reimbursement

Efficient and effective leading to a quick return on investment. Complete testing only adds 5 minutes to spirometry and can double reimbursement!

Easy & simple to use
Easy & simple to use

Easy to learn and use making it more quickly integrated in a clinic’s workflow, preventing additional burden on staff.

Point of care pulmonary function testing applications

PulmonarySpirometry, DLCO, Lung Volumes, Challenge provocation testing, LCIEarly & differential diagnosis; monitoring of patients with lung disease
CardiologySpirometry, DLCODifferential diagnosis; co-morbidy between heart failure & lung disease
Primary CareSpirometry, DLCOAccurate diagnosis of asthma, COPD
Allergy & AsthmaSpirometry, Challenge provocation testing, Lung VolumesAccurate asthma diagnosis, improved asthma management
Cystic FibrosisSpirometry, DLCO, Lung Volumes, Challenge provocation testing, LCIMonitor disease progression in CF patients

ndd TrueFlow Ultrasound Technology

Superior choice in lung function measurement

  • Not influenced by temperature, heat, humidity, barometric pressure, or altitude.**
  • Proven accuracy for the lifetime of flow and volume measurements
  • Calibration not required, device maintains stability for a lifetime of use
  • Studies show reliable sensor performance under various conditions in diverse environments.1*,2*

*This statement only applies when used under the operating conditions of the device.

ndd TrueCheck Technology 

Patented method to verify performance of ndd machines 

  • Eliminates the need for gas-calibration as well as the need for an external DLCO simulator
  • 5-point calibration including stability and linearity of tracer gas and CO sensors
  • Automatic flow baseline setting


EasyOne Pro<sup>®</sup> LAB

EasyOne Pro® LAB

Portable DLCO, MBW, Lung Volumes, LCI and Spirometry

EasyOne Pro<sup>®</sup>

EasyOne Pro®

Portable DLCO, Lung Volumes and Spirometry

Frequently asked questions


What is a complete pulmonary function test?

A complete pulmonary function test includes spirometry (possibly with pre/post-bronchodilator), diffusion capacity (DLCO), and absolute lung volumes.


What is the difference between spirometry and a complete pulmonary function test (PFT)?

A spirometry test is a specific type of pulmonary function test. Spirometry measures the lungs volume (or how much) and flow (how quickly) the patient can move air into and out of their lungs. Spirometry will tell the tester if the patient has an obstruction, restriction, a mixed defect, or has normal lung flow.

Spirometry does NOT look at gas exchange and does not provide absolute lung volumes (RV, FRC, and TLC).

Diffusion capacity or transfer factor of the lung for carbon monoxide (CO) is known as a DLCO test. This measures the gas exchange and is used in conjunction with spirometry to provide a differential diagnosis. DLCO is also used to assess disease severity and is one of the best correlates of emphysema in COPD.

The final component that completes the full PFT exam is measuring absolute lung volume (RV, FRC, and TLC). This is completed by measuring gas dilution, or nitrogen washout. Lung volumes are commonly used for the diagnosis of restriction. In obstructive lung disease, they are used to assess for hyperinflation. The changes in lung volumes can also be seen in a number of other clinical conditions.


What is Diffusion Capacity (DLCO) testing?

Diffusion capacity (DLCO) is a clinically useful test that provides a quantitative measure of gas transfer from the lungs to the blood. It complements spirometry in evaluating and managing patients with cardiac and/or respiratory disease.


When would you use DLCO testing?

Diffusion capacity testing (DLCO) is best used to pinpoint the type of respiratory disease. It is completed after spirometry when an obstruction or lung volume issues are predetermined.

  • Differentiating emphysema from obstructive bronchitis and chronic asthma
  • Assessment of COPD
  • Detection of pulmonary vascular disease
  • Assessment of shortness of breath (SOB)
  • Disability/Impairment evaluations for ILD or COPD

What will lung volumes show you?

Lung volumes are used to diagnose restrictive lung disease and to assess for hyperinflation in obstructive lung disease. With restrictive lung disease, TLC, VC, and RV may be decreased due to the inability of the lungs to expand properly.

The lungs are restricted from fully expanding and filling with air. In an obstructive disease such as COPD, patients may develop hyperinflation, which will result in a higher than normal TLC and RV. Conversely, IC will be decreased due to air trapping in the lungs.

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