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Seamlessly integrate any EasyOne device into your EMR system. The EasyOne Connect software provides an accurate, fast and reliable connectivity solution to meet your needs. Streamline your workflow with a standard or custom bidirectional interface to save time, minimize errors and provide better care for your patient.

Successful EMR Integrations and Supported Standards

Our devices work with all major EMR vendors and support bidirectional HL7/XML data exchange. If you don’t see your EMR/EHR system in the list below, we may still be able to integrate. Please submit our EMR Connection Request form for more details.

Working interfaces include:

EasyOne - NDD - Spirometer - Spirometry - EMR - EHR

Connected Workflow

Streamline your workflow using our EasyOne Connect software. Minimize errors associated with data entry while saving time to deliver the best care to your patient.

  • Automatically send discrete data and pdf reports directly into a patient’s chart.
  • Supports common coding sets, including CPT and LOINC codes.
  • Open and interoperable data platform based on standards and modern technologies.
EasyOne - CPT - LOINC - NDD - Spirometer - Spirometry - connected - workflow - EHR/EMR

Versatile Database Solutions

EasyOne Connect software works with a variety of database options to facilitate common tasks such as data storage, data centralization and accessing data remotely.

  • Microsoft SQL Server for central database storage
    • Reliable, fast and secure connection to a Microsoft SQL Server Database (Microsoft SQL Server 2008, 2014, or higher) using either SQL Server or Windows Authentication
    • Data centralization for multiple workstations to synchronize with the EasyOne Connect patient database
    • Allows user to encrypt communication with database using SSL/TLS for enhanced security
  • Encrypted SQLite File for local database storage
    • Default configuration of EasyOne Connect
    • Ideal solution for a single workstation; optimized for individual device use
data centralization - patient database - EasyOne Pro - EasyOne LAB - EasyOne - NDD - Spirometer - Spirometry

Easy Update with Silent Installer

By using the Silent Installer, EasyOne Connect can be installed and configured remotely using industry standard software deployment and management systems.

  • Compatible with standard software deployment solutions such as PDQDeploy and Microsoft SCCM
  • Installations, software updates, and configuration changes can now be performed simultaneously all in one simple step
  • Completely automated process and customizable to meet your needs
easy update - NDD - Spirometer - Spirometry

Occupational Health

ndd products comply with the NIOSH/OSHA occupational health standards. We have established relationships with the following vendors:

  • Net Health/Agility (Formerly STIX/Integritas)
  • Cority (Formerly Medgate)
  • Occuscan
  • OHM
  • OMI
  • Workplace Integra
  • Enterprise Health
    Note: To verify the current connection status with a specific ndd product, please contact ndd or the application vendor.
Occupational Health - OH - NDD - Spirometer - Spirometry - NIOSH/OSHA

Active Directory Integration

Using the power of EasyOne Connect, you can easily authenticate with your organization’s Microsoft Active Directory. This comprehensive integration provides a complete solution to allow customers to centrally manage access to EasyOne Connect.

  • Perfect for customers with multiple installations of EasyOne Connect.
  • Allows Single Sign-On (SSO) using the currently logged in Windows User.
  • Easily control user access to EasyOne Connect from your own Active Directory.
NDD - Spirometer - Spirometry - EasyOne Connect - EasyOne - Microsoft Active Directory

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