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How spirometry is used in construction occupational health

How spirometry is used in construction occupational health

Visit any construction site, and you’ll quickly discover an excess of dirt, debris, and of course, dust. Remodeling or renovating an existing structure involves demolition, which exposes the construction worker to older toxic materials, including fiberglass insulation and the potential of asbestos. However, the root contributor to COPD in construction workers appears to be dust circulating through the air.

A Swedish study of 316,729 construction workers found the mortality rate from COPD was more than two and a half times higher in participants who had been exposed to airborne toxins, including asbestos, than in patients who had not been exposed to toxic dust on the job.

This study highlights the need for occupational health programs focusing on reducing respiratory disease and monitoring lung health of workers in the industry. The lung function testing tool used by most occupational health professionals is a spirometer. But with so many spirometers from which to choose, what makes one spirometer stand out among the competition?

Let’s examine the facts about the EasyOne Air® spirometer, a revolutionary lung function testing device that uses advanced technology to deliver quick, reliable, and robust results in a manner of seconds.

Challenges with spirometry testing in construction

The average construction site is a bustling hub of activity – with multiple contractors in different specialties and trades completing projects at the same time. Likewise, most construction sites are remote – operating outdoors, and in many instances lacking direct access to electrical power, running water, or indoor buildings to complete health examinations or complete lung function testing.

This represents multiple challenges among occupational health professionals trying to schedule and complete screenings. As such, choosing a spirometer that is battery-powered and can complete multiple exams without direct power is crucial.

ndd Medical Technologies dedication to improving occupational health screening

The professionals at ndd Medical Technologies understand the importance of maintaining a healthy workforce. One way we help construction companies achieve this goal is by streamlining the process of completing spirometry exams to monitor the lung health of construction workers.

We’ve designed the EasyOne Air for healthcare professionals and occupational health providers. The EasyOne Air is easy to use and leverages revolutionary technology that produces consistent and reliable results. It can be used in many workplace settings and has a long-lasting battery that makes it convenient to use on construction worksites.

Remote testing capability

Completing remote lung function testing is a challenge with most outdated spirometers. The compact, hand-held, and portable design elements found in the EasyOne Air make it easier than ever to test construction workers, independent contractors, and others on the job site. The EasyOne Air spirometer utilizes a rechargeable lithium-ion battery that can support approximately 100 spirometry test sessions when fully charged.

Our spirometer is engineered with modern technology and built with Swiss-precision manufacturing. The EasyOne Air also incorporates advanced quality assurance standards that ensure longevity, durability, and dependable use.

These small yet strongly built spirometers are designed with high-quality components and have the capacity to be used in multiple locations. This added flexibility gives occupational health experts the ability to complete multiple spirometry exams at the convenience of busy construction workers while directly at the job site.

remote spirometry testing for construction workers

Lightweight, portable and durable

The EasyOne Air weighs less than a pound and is built with rugged materials that hold up to onsite screening and constant testing. The fully lit LED screen of the EasyOne Air is very easy to read. These features make the EasyOne Air simple to navigate, flexible to use, and provide a lifetime of worry-free operation.

Additionally, this handheld and portable spirometer uses individual test mouthpieces, which likewise expedites the testing process, and helps to reduces the spread of harmful bacteria.

spirometry technology for construction occupational health

Confidence with interpreting spirometry results

Inaccurate testing results are a thing of the past when you use the EasyOne Air. The combination of advanced technology, precision-Swiss manufacturing, using durable components, and extensive quality control standards reduce the potential of false-positive results. The LED display screen displays real-time curves for quicker and accurate results. The unit is also built with software that is likewise compatible with several occupational health software applications.

ndd EasyOne Air spirometer for construction occupational health screening

Remote construction worksites used to provide a nearly impossible hurdle for occupational health screening professionals. The remote and portable testing ability of the EasyOne Air removes these objections, making it easier than ever to monitor the lung health of construction workers, keeping them safer and healthier.

If you’d like to learn more about the EasyOne Air for occupational health screening in construction, click the link below to connect with one of our professionals today.

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