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Lung function testing for asthma

Asthma is a chronic respiratory condition usually characterized by inflammation and narrowing of the small airways in the lungs. In 2019, it is estimated that 262 million people were affected globally by asthma. Asthma is a prevalent and urgent concern: tragically, asthma caused 455,000 deaths in 2019 according to the World Health Organization.

Asthma affects every person differently. Cause, symptoms, frequency of exacerbations, and even how a person with asthma responds to commonly used therapeutics can vary due to asthma’s heterogeneity. To best manage asthma, exacerbations should be prevented or at least limited. Diagnosed using pulmonary function tests in conjunction with patient and clinician assessment of symptom progression, asthma exacerbations occur when a patient experiences a change in their symptoms and lung function compared to their baseline. Exacerbations, also commonly called “flare-ups” or more generally “asthma attacks,” are a leading cause of disease mortality. *Asthma can be exacerbated by environmental factors, such as viral infections,*pollen, and even thunderstorms,* meaning people with asthma in different conditions can be exposed or protected from various triggers. Evidence has shown that poorly controlled asthma is predictive of more severe pulmonary function decline,*long-term exacerbation rate and mortality, *underscoring the importance of early intervention and prevention.


While the condition is common, it remains under-diagnosed and under-treated around the world. To overcome the problem of under-diagnosis of asthma, increased use of pulmonary function testing has been recommended in the literature,* which would also prevent late diagnosis and, ideally early pulmonary decline. As of now, asthma is incurable, but with an early and accurate diagnosis and treatments, asthma can be generally well-managed.

The  Solution: EasyOne pulmonary function and spirometry devices

ndd has developed state-of-the-art, point of care spirometry and PFT devices: EasyOne Pro/Pro LAB, EasyOne Air and Easy on-PC. EasyOne devices, utilize patented TrueFlow ultrasound technology, to help clinicians diagnose and treat lung disease. We offer consistent and user-friendly lung function testing equipment.


EasyOne devices aren’t just accessible, accurate, and reliable; they’re also simple, robust, and easy to use. They integrate well into existing workflows and have an easy learning curve, reducing the burden on care teams looking to implement a new device into their clinic. Our devices have a simple user interface but are powerful and robust enough for use in multiple environments. Using the American Thoracic Society’s interpretation tree, clinical decision-making becomes quicker and easier.

EasyOne device simple to use spirometry


Point of care, small and portable, and requiring little maintenance, EasyOne devices allow clinicians to focus on the patient instead of worrying about cumbersome, inaccessible spirometry or PFT devices. If clinicians choose, they can test patients at their bedside, reducing the burden on patients who may have more advanced lung disease. Further, EasyOne devices leverage EasyOne Connect, our integrated software platform, to directly and seamlessly integrate into your clinic’s existing electronic medical or health record system.

EasyOne spirometer in use

Accuracy and reliability

All EasyOne devices have our ground-breaking TrueFlow and TrueCheck technology. To provide accurate readings for the lifetime of the product, ndd PFT technology gives clinicians confidence in the PFT results and reduces the burden of patients from being affected by malfunctioning devices or inaccurate results. Clinical decisions are easier and more straight-forward when immediate, accurate readings are available.

ndd ultrasoud technology

ndd spirometry and PFT device solutions

We understand the importance of pulmonary function test devices and we build our EasyOne devices to make spirometry and pulmonary function tests to be as accessible, reliable, and simple as possible. To learn more about our solutions, explore the links below.

EasyOne<sup>®</sup> Air

EasyOne® Air

Portable & PC spirometer

Easy on-PC

Easy on-PC

PC spirometer

EasyOne Pro<sup>®</sup>

EasyOne Pro®

Portable DLCO, Lung Volumes and Spirometry

EasyOne Pro<sup>®</sup> LAB

EasyOne Pro® LAB

Portable DLCO, MBW, Lung Volumes, LCI and Spirometry

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