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Midmark® announced it will discontinue its IQspiro® digital spirometer starting October 7, 2022 

Midmark, a global manufacturer and supplier of healthcare products, announced they are discontinuing their IQspiro digital spirometer, effective October 7, 2022. The IQspiro spirometer is a PC-based spirometer.  Midmark has been a major player in the spirometry market for many years.

Although Midmark is exiting the spirometry market, the company will remain in business selling other medical products.

The time is now to switch to ndd's spirometry solutions

ndd’s spirometry products offer unique advantages for your specific needs. Our patented TrueFlow™ Technology eliminates many problems associated with analog instruments for flow measurement like turbines and pneumotachs. It makes our spirometry products simple, efficient and accurate. TrueFlow™ is a proven technology which requires no calibration over its lifetime.

A worldwide leader in spirometry

As a worldwide leader in spirometry and global innovator in PFT testing, ndd is dedicated to making pulmonary function testing easy and reliable. 

Our spirometry products each offer a unique set of advantages to meet your specific needs. The EasyOne Air portable spirometer can be used as a standalone device in an office setting or at the patient's bedside, where results are calculated, displayed and stored directly on the device. It also integrates with our PC software for added functionality. The Easy on-PC is a PC-based spirometer that uses the power of your computer to provide you with a complete spirometry solution.

EasyOne Connect - Leading connected software platform

Start using the ndd spirometry products in combination with the EasyOne Connect software for central data review and handling, as well as access to more advanced PFT software functionality. Features include:

  • Powerful commenter functionality
  • Encouraging pediatric incentives
  • Custom provocation protocols
  • Import of external PFT data

Powerful EMR EHR integration engine

Seamlessly integrate any EasyOne device into your EMR system. The EasyOne Connect software provides an accurate, fast and reliable connectivity solution to meet your needs. Streamline your workflow with a standard or custom bidirectional interface to save time, minimize errors and provide better care for your patient.

  • Proven EMR integrations with leading EMR vendors including Epic, Athena, eClinical Works, Cerner and more
  • Robust user management solution
  • Support of all major data exchange protocols
  • Dedicated connectivity team for EMR implementation projects
EMR connectivity solution

Go with the experts in lung function 

EasyOne<sup>®</sup> Air

EasyOne® Air

Portable & PC spirometer

Easy on-PC

Easy on-PC

PC spirometer

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