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Spirometry in occupational health

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The primary role of spirometry in occupational health is to identify workers who should have secondary testing or examinations by a pulmonary medical professional. In some regions and industries, spirometry is mandated due to regulatory compliance and the exposures to the workforce.

When any industry, corporation, or company uses spirometry as a proactive occupational health tool to monitor respiratory function, not only does it place a focus on employee's well-being, but it can also serve to discover root issues causing these respiratory conditions.

Occupational health spirometry testing is an exceptional, noninvasive, and highly effective method of monitoring the lung capacity and wellness of employees. 

Advantages of EasyOne devices for occupational health

  • Real-time curves - Our easy to navigate and brilliantly-lit screen displays real-time curves for quicker and accurate results.
  • Single-patient use mouthpiece - ndd mouthpieces are single-use only and disposable.
  • Connects with leading occupational health software - EasyOne Connect software is compatible with multiple EMR/EHR occupational health software applications.
  • Calibration checks - Quickly & accurately check calibration using our 3-liter calibration syringe to comply with NIOSH/OSHA recommendations.
NDD spirometers occupational health

Aligned to the standards for occupational testing

ndd spirometers meet relevant quality and performance standards.* With the latest version of EasyOne Connect, ndd devices considered the following standards:

*Please consult with your ndd representative to confirm which EasyOne device best meets your facility requirements.

NDD meets occupational health standards

How to use a filter with an ndd product

ndd inline filter solutions are designed to provide additional COVID-19 protection for industries or organizations looking to include filtration when performing tests.

  • The filter keeps the ambient environment clean for both patients and technicians.
  • All parts that are exposed to the patient’s breath are single-patient use.
  • There is no sensor contamination possible.
  • Humidity is unable to enter the device.

Visit our COVID-19 Infection Control page for more information. 

Compatible with occupational health software

ndd products comply with the NIOSH/OSHA occupational health standards. We have established relationships with the following vendors:

Note: To verify the current connection status with a specific ndd product, please contact ndd or the application vendor.

Video resources

Calibration Check - Easy on-PC
Calibration Check - EasyOne Air
How to connect a filter - Easy on-PC
How to connect a filter - EasyOne Air
2019 ATS/ERS Spirometry Standards
NDD Inline Filter Solutions

Frequently asked questions


What do I need to start spirometry testing in my clinic?

To get started, you'll need the following:

  • Spirometer
  • Mouthpieces
  • Nose clips
  • 3-liter calibration syringe with adapter (Required by NIOSH. View guidelines here.)
  • Filter & adapter (It is important to note that each facility has their own requirements. There are no current known guidelines on the requirements. Please check your organization's policy on filter use when performing spirometry.)

Do I need to calibrate my EasyOne device when testing in an occupational health setting?

Yes, when performing spirometry testing in an occupational health setting, NIOSH/OSHA requires the spirometer be checked using a 3-liter calibration syringe each day testing is performed. A calibration check (cal-check) is not to be confused with calibration. A cal-check simply validates that the device is within calibration limits. Unlike calibration, a cal-check does not adjust the calibration values.

You can view instructional videos on how to perform a calibration check on ndd devices below:

Multi-flow calibration check - Easy on-PC

Multi-flow calibration check - EasyOne Air


Do the EasyOne products meet OSHA/NIOSH/SSA standards?

Yes, ndd products meet all testing/reporting standards. For a more detailed information, visit the NIOSH website here. 


Do I need to use filters?

There are no current known guidelines on the use of filters when performing spirometry. Each facility has their own requirements. Please check your organization's policy on filter use when performing spirometry. 


How do I use the filters with the EasyOne products?

Assembling the filter and adapter components is simple and easy. Read our how to blog here, and learn how to connect a filter to the EasyOne products. You can also view our video library. 


Where can I get NIOSH-approved spirometry training?

NIOSH-approved spirometry courses are available in-person and online. Visit the CDC NIOSH website for a detailed schedule of classes in your area. 

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