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Name of StudyPrinciple InvestigatorsStart DateConditionsLink
Inflammation, Aging, Microbes, and Obstructive Lung Disease (I AM OLD-DA)University of California San Francisco2015COPD and lung function abnormalities in persons with HIV/AIDS in US and UgandaGet more details
A Pilot Study to Evaluate Objective Assessment Tools to Improve Medication Management in COPDUniversity at Buffalo2018COPD 
Amish Community - Ill effects of Secondhand SmokeUniversity of Maryland2001Exposure to secondhand smokeGet more details
An asthma collaboration to reduce childhood asthma disparities on the Navajo NationNational Jewish Health & University of Arizona2017AsthmaGet more details
Assessment of lung function in primary school children in Umuahia South East NigeriaMedical College of Nigeria2018Healthy primary school children 
COPDGeneNational Institute of Health2008COPDGet more details
Factors Associated With Isolated Right Heart Failure in Women. A Pilot Study From Western KenyaSee link for complete list2014Isolated Right Heart FailureGet more details
Global Congestive Heart Failure (G-CHF Substudy)Hamilton Health Science and McMaster University2017Congestive heart failureGet more details
Global Excellence in COPD Outcomes (GeCO)Johns Hopkins 2017COPDGet more details
Graphic and Text-Based Waterpipe Warning Labels to Combat Harm MisperceptionsThe Ohio State University 2018Studying the effect of health warning labels on puffing behavior and exposure to toxicants from waterpipe tobacco smokingGet more details
Lung Function in Nakaseke and Uganda (LiNK Cohort)Johns Hopkins2015Decline lung function in biomass fuel smoke exposure, HIV status, and history of post-treatment pulmonary tuberculosisGet more details
Lung Function in Rescue Workers at the World Trade Center after 7 YearsThe New England Journal2010Decline of lung functionGet more details
Multicenter AIDS Cohort Study (MACS)Johns Hopkins 1984AIDS/HIVGet more details
Portable Spirometry in the Deployed SettingIreland Army Community Hospital2013AsthmaGet more details
Preventing Asthma in High Risk Kids (PARK)National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Disease2018AsthmaGet more details
SOMMA:The Study of Muscle Mobility and AgingUniversity of California San Francisco2018Aging muscle, mobilityGet more details
Study and Treatment of Endangered Sea Turtles Trapped in Fishing NetsTexas A & M University Corpus Christi and Oceanographic2016Lung capacity in reptilesGet more details
The Burden of Obstructive Lung Disease Initiative (BOLD)See link for complete list2005COPDGet more details
The CAPTURE Study: Validating a unique COPD case finding tool in primary careWeill Cornell Medicine 2018COPDGet more details
The Long-Term Stability of Portable Spirometers Used in a Multinational Study of the Prevalence of Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (PLATINO)See link for complete list2006COPDGet more details
The Young Everest Study: Effects on hypoxia at high altitude on cardio-respiratory function and general well-being in healthy childrenGreat Ormond Street Hospital for Children2009Healthy childrenGet more details
Understanding Lung Function in Dolphins and WhalesTexas A & M University Corpus Christi and Oceanographic2015Lung capacity in mammalsGet more details
Use of Mobile Devices & the Internet to Streamline an Asthma Clinical Trial (MICT)Nemours Children's Clinic 2014AsthmaGet more details
WISDOM Study: High Level of Agreement Between Home-Based and In-Clinic Spirometry Results in the WISDOM COPD StudyPulmonary Research Institute at Lung Clinic Grosshansdorf2015COPDGet more details
Women's Interagency HIV Study (WIHS)Johns Hopkins1993AIDS/HIVGet more details
World Trade Center Worker and Volunteer Medical Screening ProgramThe University of Arizona and Mount Sinai School of Medicine2008Decline of lung functionGet more details
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