“Being on a truck we really like equipment that can be mobilized. It has to be small, it has to be able to be moved around without breaking, it has to be reliable. When I did the research, the EasyOne Pro was being used in that capacity for other outreach clinics and I thought we should invest in that for our trucks. It has been a great decision actually. It’s very easy to use, reliable and accurate.” 

"We see that ndd technology is always accurate when comparing it to simulator data or biological control values. In addition to the outstanding accuracy the ndd software is very user-friendly, which makes ndd devices easy to use.”

"My clinical research on asthma and COPD happens at the point of care in some of the most remote, resource limited places in the world. Because of this, I need highly portable, very durable diagnostic devices reporting consistent and accurate results even under the toughest conditions. I use ndd’s devices because I know no matter the condition, the device will report accurate results."

"Our academic activities related to trainings and continuous learning for the specialists that take care of the respiratory health in our region, are supported by new technologies. Our experience with ndd devices has been very positive because they adapt to our necessities, they are always updated regarding new standardization and technological advances."

"The EasyOne Pro’s portability and ability to accurately perform mobile PFTs in under 30 minutes make it the perfect device for this type of clinic. It allows us to use the patients’ time more efficiently, better understand their illness, and improve assessment of their condition. It’s easy to operate and allows us to provide prompt and accurate assessment of patients’ lung function.”

“I’ve used ndd products for many years because of the durability and accuracy of the devices. The large, easy-to-read screen on the EasyOne Air makes interacting with the device very simple and the results print-outs are so concise and easy to understand that I find my students naturally gravitating to these devices.”

“Patients are surprised and impressed at the sophistication of our device and that we can do such comprehensive pulmonary function testing in their homes, for some of them it’s an ordeal to get transportation to a PFT testing site. For others, they’re unable to afford transportation. They are so happy and appreciative that we come to their homes.”

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